Invisible Braces Reviews

Invisiline braces are the most advanced and the most comfortable to use in which it is not fixed to the teeth and can can be taken according to patients wish but the invisiline dentists suggests that it has to wear at least 20 hours a day.Invisiline braces are the much transparent compared to the other traditional braces so the patients can wear it without any embarrassment.

The term Invisiline braces are correctly spelled as invisalign braces. Eventhough the cost of invisalign braces are much higher it is the best substitute for people who find wearing traditional braces are abashing. Learn more about waterpik vs flossing to clean your teeth while wearing braces.

Invisible Braces Reviews

waterpik vs flossing

Despite the fact that the Invisalign treatment had got greater advantage than the traditional braces,the patient who is in the process of Invisalign treatment had to be careful in handling these braces.Invisalign braces are not permanent and can be taken according to the patients wish but most of the Invisalign dentist suggests that it has to wear as often as possible since the more you wear them the more work they will do in the 2 to 4 weeks that you are wearing them.The best thing to do is to only taking the invisalign braces out when you want to brush and eat.

Drinking water or other clear fluids with the braces inside your mouth wont make much health issues for the teeth but you have to be careful when you are having alcohol,tea,coffee,soda beverages etc.The aligners had got much retaining capacity than the teeth which will make this liquid substances to hold back in the teeth itself which will affect adversely to your teeth.

The best suggestion is to avoid the above mentioned products when you are using Invisalign.However you can use them by taking out the aligners to avoid the liquid sticking to your teeth.

Teeth BracesInvisalign treatment is the advanced technology which helps in closing the gaps between the teeth and also for properly aligning the bended or dislocated teeth.Invisalign system uses the methods like 3 dimensional modelling,modern computer technology.With the help of these methods the aligners are clear and transparent thus the name Invisible Braces.The aligners are perfectly fit to the teeth which gradually helps to change the teeths position.What is the Procedure for Invisalign Treatment?

Most Orthodontic treatment including invisalign treatment starts by taking the impression of your teeth.The Invisalign dentist will also take some pictures of your teeth from different angles.

In the Invisalign laboratory with the help of a CT scanner a three-dimensional model of your teeth will be taken.

With the help of most modern patented software,a simulation is made from their present to the final preferred position by making the 3D model of your teeth as the base.

The simulation is made for designing aligners and it is built as per the customers specifications.Then the teeths position is altered every 2 weeks as it gradually starts to move.

The custom-made aligners are sent to the Invisalign dentist so that you can witness the expected teeth movement in due course.

The invisalign dentist will give you strict instructions for using the aligners.Usually the aligners have to wear 20 hours a day.

Apparently,you have to make regular appointments with the invisalign dentist to know the current position of your teeth alignment.Theadvantages of this Invisalign treatment is that the treatment period is usually shorter and you can brush normally by removing the brace.It is virtually invisible to other people so that you can attend functions without any abashment.The efficiency of this treatment is at the peak since the teeth movements are decided by the computer.The most important advantage of Invisalign braces are that it is more comfortable because there is no sharp brackets or metal wires which can cause wounds in the cheek or tongue.The risk of tooth decay is remarkably less in this invisalign treatment since they dont have brackets that can catch the plaque.The disadvantagesof these invisalign braces is that it doesnt have long term track records like other traditional braces and this cannot be used for tooth straightening cases.Patients under 14 years of age cannot be treated using invisalign braces.

The cost of Invisalign treatment ranges from $3000 to $6000.

Teeth Braces

Each tooth has three parts:- the crown, the root, and the pulp cavity. The crown is the exposed area of the tooth, which is outside the gum. It is covered with a hard substance called enamel. The ivory-coloured internal part of the crown below the enamel is the dentin. The root of a tooth is embedded in the jaw and covered by a bony tissue called cementum. The pulp cavity in the centre of the tooth contains the blood vessels and nerves.

Teeth usually appear 5 to 8 months after birth. Baby-bottle syndrome may result in decay of all of the upper teeth and the lower posterior teeth. This syndrome occurs when an infant is put to bed with a bottle of sugar water, milk or fruit juice. The carbohydrates in the solutions cause demineralisation of the tooth enamel, which leads to tooth decay.

By the time children are 2 years old, they usually have all 20 of their temporary teeth. At about age 6 or 7, children start losing their deciduous teeth, and these are gradually replaced by the 33 permanent teeth.

The incidence of periodontal disease increases during pregnancy because the rise in female hormones affects gingival tissues and increases its reaction to bacterial plaque. Many pregnant women experience more bleeding from the gingival sulcus during brushing and increased redness and the swelling of the gingiva (the gum).

Teeth turn yellowish in colour as a part of the aging process. Teeth are normally off-white. With age, the enamel thins and the yellow-gray colour of the inner portion of the teeth begins to show. In addition, coffee drinking and cigarette smoking can stain the teeth. Commercial teeth whitening products and whitening treatments offered at dental offices are available to consumers who desire whither teeth for cosmetic reasons.

Lack of fluoridated water and preventive dentistry during their developmental years caused tooth and gum problems in older adults. As a result, some elders may have few permanent teeth left, and some have dentures. Loss of teeth occurs mainly because of periodontal disease (gum disease) rather than dental caries (cavities),: however, caries are also common in middle-aged adults.

Some receding of the gums and a brownish pigmentation of the gums occur with age. Because saliva production decreases with age, dryness of the oral mucosa is a common finding in older people.

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